Would you like to join the juice basin team?

Answer these simple three questions:

  1. Are you committed to positive energy and a daily smile?  

  2. Is your living passion to engage?

  3. Do you enjoy helping others while moving through tasks in a mindful manner?

If you responded NO to any of the above questions, Thank You for considering our company and best of luck on your search but there is no sense in applying.  You deserve better.

If you responded YES to all the above questions than proceed.

If you are interested in learning about food fuel, have a positive attitude and are passionate about learning and creating thoughtful experiences for others than we welcome a sit down.  During our initial meet up, it is our intention to better understand your goals and how a position within our company might facilitate those aspirations.

We do not experience a lot of staff turnover.  Usually a juice’aristaTM will choose to move on if they have arrived at their next big life moment. Our team contributes to juice basin’s profits and overhead; therefore, we are all responsibility to engage in intelligent product discussion and relevant juicing conversations.  Pointed conversations about cleanse practices and choices, along with raw food benefits and product flavors are typical communications. Quick learners that apply smart recipe balance to fresh made smoothies and shots often lead in tips and compensation.  It is mandatory for all team members to memorize the juice card options, know the ingredients of the best selling smoothies and why they are highly recommended. We will train you but it’s up to you to have the passion and time to memorize all juice ingredients, question the chef and learn.

Open positions for immediate hire

Front Counter (juice’aristaTM), in the Asbury Park store, shift:  Monday thru Friday 2pm to 6pm.

Juice’aristaTM responsibilities are to engage, help folks select proper nutritional blends, serve an awesome smoothie and truly feel that you are self-motivated to keep harmony during your shift in the basin bar while maintaining its clean and fresh appearance. You have 30 days from your first training moment to excel at the bar.  Upon exhibiting an understanding of the basics, we will continue to invest in your knowledge and interest of organic food science.

Journey Driver

The Journey Driver is usually a male with a driver’s license however, it does not require you be male but it does require a good standing driver’s licence.  The location is at the Asbury Park store.  The shift is every Sunday pm and Thursday pm deliveries to home subscribers and juice basin storefronts plus, every Monday mid morning deliveries to local subscribers and wholesale client deliveries. Upon completion of juice press, mix and bottling the journey driver is responsible for sorting product into bins labelled bins and preparing the van with product based on needs list.

The driver needs to be a patient person that can count and check their work.  There is no rush on deliveries. We simply want you and fellow drivers to be safe.  There is a GPS monitor installed on the vehicle so “joyriding” is not permissible. We can’t imagine someone joyriding in a big ole refrigerated vehicle but hey - to each their own!  Just not on our team’s clock.

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How to Apply:

Please apply using the online form.
In the subject matter please state “the position applying for - Attn: Reggie”.

Should you have any questions or just can’t wait to talk, please contact us directly 732.481.4110.