Soother Pack - recover

Soother Pack - recover


The organic Soother Pack responds to post celebration woes. It is a detoxification remedy of three juices aiding in recovery from too much alcohol, rich foods and steady diet of animal based protein inflammation. Because we formulate the remedies to cleanse gently, these ingredients respond to living life big. Whether it's a night on the town with friends and your sip became a slurp or a big meal with family in which you forgot to push away, the Soother Pack can get you back on your feet. It is a process.  Because it took you a bit of time to get in this condition it will naturally take some time to get you back; however, these soothing remedies will speed up the detoxification process.

The 3 juices of the soother pack are:

  1. Last Call - 8 ounce (milk thistle extract)

  2. Bloodshot - 2 ounce (ginger, lemon, dandelion)

  3. Citrus Shine Lite - 16 ounce (turmeric, lemon, ginger)

A suitable gift for so many occasions including: bachelor/bachelorette, hostess/host, corporate/fundraising functions. We believe the gift of health is so relevant and the gift of tchotchkes is so unnecessary.

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Consumption Directions:

  1. Prior to drifting off into dream mode sip down the 8-ounce Last Call. You will feel better post sleep. The light and refreshing milk thistle formula soothes and gently cleanses the kidneys and liver.

  2. The bloodshot 2-ounce remedy greets you in the morning with a powerful punch. Get ready to gasp and pucker up!  The strong pop of earthy and citrus flavors will make you see clearer and turn up your blood. This all-natural remedy will cleanse the stomach wall, the ginger will soothe and cleanse the kidneys and liver.

  3. Lastly, take a deep breath and sip on the Citrus Shine Lite throughout your day. The turmeric, ginger and citrus rid swollen puffy eyes and white tongues. Feel better?