19 tons of tCO2e ! GHG Emissions

19 tons of tCO2e ! GHG Emissions

“Juice Basin provided a clear snapshot of which emissions sources were the largest contributors to juice basin’s carbon footprint. It was surprising to see that food waste contributed more GHG emissions than vehicle fleet and natural gas usage combined. Food waste is often overlooked as a main driver of climate change, but this GHG emissions inventory helped to uncover the real impact that food waste has even when composting.

If juice basin did not compost 100% of their food waste, 19 more tons of tCO2e would enter the atmosphere each year, which, according to the US EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator is the equivalent of 47,265 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle.

juice basin has made diligent efforts to incorporate sustainability into their business choices, and I believe this GHG emissions inventory will be a helpful for them to continue their sustainability journey and, additionally, to benchmark against other similarly sized businesses.” Andrea Strang, Columbia University, GHG Emissions Graduate Studies.

small business, big impact, small footprint.

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