Whether your steps leave an impression along the coast or kick-up dry leaves on your familiar path, nature woos us into the dream state of “What if?”. Don’t let your vistas be determined by limited choices. Engage your physical and mental process, migrate into your new awakened path and soar. Achieve personal harmony with steps of daily good deeds, safely raising your heart rate and spirits. Fuel your future by stepping out of the past with juice basin’s protein blends and hydrating mixes.

protein meal replacements

juice basin is a natural fit for hikes, strolls or picnicking. An assortment of flavors and super food additives, they will keep you skipping for hours. Unlike mass manufactured nut shakes, juice basin’s hand-made products are produced fresh in small batches. These creamy, thick, blends are always organic and never watered down. They’re proven to aid metabolism consistency, since they’re packed with magnesium, which supports strong bone formation without the possible side effects of bloating or brain fog.

how and why juice basin easily absorbs

Water-soluble vitamins can easily diffuse into the bloodstream because the stomach contents, extracellular fluid, and blood plasma are all aqueous (containing water), hence the energy absorption is small. In other words, you’ll be able to burn through the calories quickly without taxing the body.

nature’s green juice

In Sand Castle, spirulina pacifica is a quick absorbable protein that curbs cravings, satisfies hunger and is a complete source of your daily protein. Working as nature's appetite suppressant as well as an energy booster, it’s the fastest absorbable protein on planet earth. A meal replacement, turn on your brain with this edible algae.

hydrate and refresh

Mission Blue​ - what Gatorade hopes to be, we make naturally. Our fresh mix revitalizes, hydrates and protects against free radicals. A powerful deck of nutrients complemented with Thai coconut electrolytes, Mission Blue will keep you hydrated and your stomach feeling soothed. A splash of pineapple is added to refresh and ease the flavor and recovery.

Mission Blue does more than protect you. It’s a global nonprofit founded in the principle of saving the oceans by creating blue zones where industry cannot dig nor drop fishing nets. We contribute to this nonprofit from our sales.


Surfers riding the Jersey winter wave sets prefer to swig back a bottle and keep coasting; however, unless you’re performing at that competitive energy level, we don’t suggest you drink it all at once! Rather, sip and savor.

​So, whether you’re an early day workout athlete or a liquid lunch lover, the Real Cashew​, Selva Cruda and other nut blends are best consumed from a glass. Pour 8 ounces, cap the bottle and place the remainder in cold storage and sip and savor. Follow the creamy delight with 8 ounces of H20. Then WAIT for it! It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to register a full stomach satisfaction. Nosh on the balance throughout the day or for an evening guilt-free dessert.