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The philosophy of cleansing

juice basin upholds that a client cleansing experience is determined by informed decision making. The three critical factors of successful cleanse completion and long term wellness choices are: understanding the daily nourishment required to sustain individual lifestyle, emotional resolve necessary to commit to a restrictive wellness regiment and intelligent rational, to heed to, self-selected cleanse requirements.

What Is a Cleanse?

A cleanse or a detox program is a systematic approach of assisting in the removal toxins stored in the body’s fat, tissues and organs. juice basin’s organic cold press juice cleanse is the assistance needed to further neutralize acides, detoxify bodily systems, elliminate waste and revitalize organs to optimum performance.

Why should I cleanse?

juice basin organic cold press juice cleanse is a renewable feast. Each 16 ounce bottle of juice basin’s organic products are specially formulated and hand created to accelerate the body’s detox process through elimination of toxins, absorption of nutrients and proteins by way of increased body pH thus positively affecting alkalinity while optimizing metabolism and restoring organs resulting in a well balanced and efficient human body. Over time toxins build up which affect our physical and mental health, resulting in weight gain, low energy, bloating, constipation and impaired immune functions. Symptoms of toxic overload include: indigestion, poor concentration, sluggishness, headaches and poor skin quality. juice basin organic cleanses are a great way to reset your eating habits and jumpstart your wellness with improved metabolic activity.

How often should I cleanse?

While its reasonable and common practice to cleanse 2 - 4 times a year it really depends on your lifestyle and personal goals. Detoxification occurs naturally on a daily basis; however, constant exposure to toxins and over processed foods compromises your body’s ability to detoxify quickly and efficiently. Common signs of limited self enabled detoxification include: bad skin, weight retention and energy loss. Cleansing or rebooting your system affords your body a fresh start. There is no reason why you shouldn’t cleanse more often if you are feeling sluggish and have been eating a lot of processed foods.

When is a good time to cleanse?

As the body adjusts through nature’s course of seasonal changes it is a natural time to reset with a juice basin cleanse. Often, upon cleanse completion allergy sufferers experience reduced symptoms because the blood flow from the digestive tract is void of toxins which enables the liver to efficiently metabolize. Conversely, when the liver is stressed often an immediate side effect is the gut barrier is compromised and permeable “leaky” letting inappropriate material out into the general circulation thus triggering the immune system causing reactivity throughout the body including the skin and blood vessels. Upon reduction and even elimination of allergy trigger foods such as mucus forming dairy, sugar and wheat products clients usually report a relief to their allergy suffering. kuice basin’s organic cleanse recipes contain liver optimizing foods such as turmeric, milk thistle and dandelion.

Which is the best cleanse for me?

We all cleanse through our body's own built-in detoxification process regulated by the liver, kidneys, colon and skin. You must consider your personal environment, lifestyle, foods consumed (chemically or genetically modified) to elucidate which juice basin cleanse would be suitable for you. juice basin organic juice cleanse are formulated to offer options based on goals and lifestyle challenges. Read through the detailed descriptions of our cleanse to choose which option best supports your lifestyle and wellness goals.

How should I prepare for a cleanse?

Reduce or eliminate your consumption of animal meat and dairy products along with fast food, soft drinks and sports drinks. Reduce or eliminate your consumption of processed foods such as; pastas, breads, baked goods. Reduce recreational stimulants such as coffee, matcha, caffeine teas, tobacco and alcohol.

Can I have my daily tea, coffee or smoke?

Do not stop strong addictives cold turkey since the side effects can be extremely uncomfortable, instead we recommend tapering an unwanted stimulant; in other words, cut back on your daily cup java and tea. Should you consider eliminating these dietary addictive choices prior to cleansing you must be prepared for the withdrawal symptoms: fast and furious headache, hip and leg pain, nausea and flu like symptoms. Since clients have been likely to confuse caffeine withdrawal with cleanse side effects we advise to simply cut back, continue diminishing the addictive over a set period of time until you have achieved your personal goal.

Should I continue to take supplements?

We recommend you continue your Nutriceuticals which are whole food supplements, directly produced from food, enzymes and herbs and their derivatives. Especially for individuals who expend great amounts of energy in their daily lives, such as; athletes, pregnant women, and extensive travellers.

What are the side effects to cleansing?

Until your organs are optimized for efficient healthy response to solid foods, it is not uncommon to experience uncomfortable side effects when cleansing including: mood fluctuation, headaches, frequent urination, a change in bowel movements, noticeable increase or decline in energy, a feeling of cold body temperature. Again, these side effects are determined by your natural wellness state, your level of toxicity and your daily exercise regiment. If you toxins have built up over time, your body will need to work harder to eliminate and restore your balance. Be patient and breath deeply through these moments of discomfort.

What can I do to improve the cleansing experience?

Daily your mind needs to recommit to the cleanse outcome. Since your emotions influence your physical well being it is imperative to daily process your cleansing goals in a non judgmental mental framework. Sleep and rest are often overlooked yet critical for your bodies ability to regenerate its immune system. Sleep restores, renews and protects your cells. If you are sleep challenged try meditation or concentration. A brief mid-day nap or siesta will recharge your immune system.

Should I exercise while cleansing?

The scientific community confirms that daily exercise is vital to a quality human condition. We support the findings that moderate exercise produces antibodies which are released and attach themselves to viruses or bacteria eventually destroying their presence, exercise releases endorphin chemicals which energize immune system cells and boosts our mood. In order to pass through the detoxification process quicker and recommit to your cleanse outcome, juice basin advocates daily moderate exercise such as; a 45 minute walk, a yoga class, a cycle spin, a gym workout whatever resonates with your being that is supportive and mentally calming. Now is not the time to try something overly challenging or new; however it is the moment to rise up within yourself and get your chi moving to a positive self awareness.

I hate exercise, is there any other way to oxygenate?

Maintaining a positive attitude supports your body’s immunity to fight off infection and harmful toxins. Rich oxygenated environments create a calming and restorative nature within ourselves through deep inhale/exhale breathing. Recommended natural breathing routines: boardwalk strolls, dense forest hikes, greenhouse/botanical garden visits.

How much should I hydrate during the cleanse?

Hydration is necessary to alleviate negative side effects of detoxification. As toxins leave the body referred to as detoxification, it is not uncommon for juice basin cleanse clients to experience some mild discomfort. In order to combat the prolonged suffering we recommend you determine the appropriate water consumption based on the following formula: Your body weight multiplied by .66 = amount of daily water consumption in ounces e.g., 145 lbs. X .66 = 96 ounces. If we were to pour 96 ounces into juice basin’s 16 ounce bottle size it would equal 6 bottles / day. As well, for every 45 minute workout, you should increase water consumption by an additional 16 ounces.

Can I eat dairy or animal protein during my cleanse?

There is sufficient and efficient proteins in juice basin’s organic cleanse. Plant protein are known as enzymes. Enzymes are considered the “doers” because enzymes reduce inflammation, accelerate your biochemical reactions all vital to the building of metabolism, creating essential amino acids and the removal of chemicals. juice basin’s organic green juice and non dairy nut mylk blends are packed with enzymes. Efficiently sourced plant proteins are different than animal protein food such as; chicken, dairy, red meats etc . Animal protein foods are often undigested and stored in the form of tumors. This excess protein storage acidifies the human body, creating the perfect environment for disease, which is too often associated with the typical high protein American diet.

Where is the fiber and why should I care?

“The juices extracted from fresh-raw vegetables and fruits are the means by which we can furnish all the cells and tissues of the body with the elements and nutritional enzymes they need in the manner they can be most readily digested and assimilated." - Dr. Norman Walker. Additional fiber content can be added to any organic juice cleanse with one or more of juice basin’s signature non dairy nourishing blends such as; nut mylk or gazpacho.

What can I expect upon cleanse completion?

Look forward to brighter eyes, clearer skin, hair sheen, mood boost, increased energy and weight change; however, it is important to understand that the juice basin organic cleanse is not intended to heal, cure or prevent disease. It is important to accept full responsibility for your body and the changes it may encounter.

What if I have an ongoing condition?

Please advise juice basin of any allergies such as; iodine, or medications which may be affected by specific ingredients such as; grapefruit, high sugar or stimulants. Pregnancy & breastfeeding is not the time to make shifts in diet – so please consult your medical practitioner. If you are on antibiotics or any medication, consult your MD. Statements made and products sold through juice basin have not been evaluated by the United States Food & Drug Administration and are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

How do I know when to drink the next juice?

Through a sequence of products specifically formulated to optimize your bodily functions, juice basin’s cleanse regimen supports your daily cycle of : elimination, absorption and restoration. The timing and sequence of a 6 juice per day regimen can be modified to meet your particular cleanse based on daily consumption and timing. This outline should assist the creation of your cleanse process:

  • 7am rise & shine citrus
  • 9am mid morning tropical
  • 11 am late morning meal replacement
  • 1 pm early afternoon green protein
  • 4pm late afternoon green restorative
  • 6pm complete light either electrolytes or neutralize greens

Should I bring a cooler to pick up my cleanse?

Upon store pick up of the juice basin organic cleanse the juice products should be stored in an insulated cooler, or properly packed on ice. juice basin provides a hefty hemp or insulated cooler bag at an modest additional expense of $5. juice basin also provides reusable ice packs $.50/pack. If you would prefer to bring your own cooler and ice packs the juice arista will assist with packaging of your cleanse.

  • 7am rise & shine citrus
  • 9am mid morning tropical
  • 11 am late morning meal replacement
  • 1 pm early afternoon green protein
  • 4pm late afternoon green restorative
  • 6pm complete light either electrolytes or neutralize greens

How long can I keep the juices out of the refrigerator?

juice basin organic cold press juice will deteriorate quickly if not properly refrigerated; therefore, its best to pour 8 ounces of juice in a glass, recap the bottle to refrigerate while you consume your glass of juice. If you do not have access to an on hand refrigerator and glass, it is best to swig down a bit, recap and store in your chilled pack until you are ready to repeat. Often our clients are busy professionals who walk, talk and swig a bottle down within 20 minutes or so. That is completely acceptable. Juice basin simply hopes to make you aware of the products potential of quick spoilage if left unattended in warm to hot conditions.

  • 7am rise & shine citrus
  • 9am mid morning tropical
  • 11 am late morning meal replacement
  • 1 pm early afternoon green protein
  • 4pm late afternoon green restorative
  • 6pm complete light either electrolytes or neutralize greens