Ayurveda sees all life as being a unique combination of the 5 elements - ether, air, fire, water and earth. Each Dosha (body type) and every season has predominant elements. Therefore, each requires a different approach to wellness by harmonizing with the elemental interplay within our surroundings, and ourselves. How your body type interacts with each season is determined by how well you know your DOSHA. Thrive year round in the knowledge of your Dosha fuel.

Typically, one Dosha will be more dominant than the other. However, many of us are a combination of multiple Doshas and your natural state, or “Prakriti,” is the ratio of the three Doshas. So, what’s your unique ratio? What Dosha is the most dominant for you? How can you find more balance?

Dosha Quiz coming soon.

the dosha cleanse is a seasonal vata cleanse offered in the autumn each year.