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Thank you for taking interest in juice basin, Jersey’s original cold press juice company. We are connectors, energized by New Jersey's audacious communities inspired by the arts, community gardens and legacy architecture. We specialize in small batch  creations made by hand with only fresh foodstuff. The delicate balance of our planet, nature’s response to pollutants and labor’s  dire work conditions keeps us fixed on the USDA Organic certified path. 


Columbia University conducted a study of Carbon Extraction by juice basin. Proving 19 tons of carbon are pulled from the  atmosphere through our organic pulp waste compost to Kula Farms, Asbury Park. All packaging is American Made recyclable, non-leaching plastic. 


Our quality Fresh Handmade Local products are sold by premium wholesale clients such as: Whole Foods Market, Sickles Market, premium coffee houses, etc. We do not compete with watered-down versions of our better self. 


Since we press fresh with manual labor and service national wholesale accounts, we work closely with the FDA to assure all  production of fresh products follow the good manufacturing practices and sanitizing operating procedures necessary ensuring  resellers optimal quality and safety in juice HACCP - critical for consumer health. juice basin is certified by the Food & Drug  Administration,  USDA Organic and NJ oversight agencies. These listed certifications and licenses are necessary to acquire and maintain annually for operation continuance: 

  • 2022-24 FDA recertification approval of juice basin’s HACCP plan, manufacture facility, sanity, and safety protocols maintaining wholesale license. All produce, steps of process and sales are traceable. 
  • 2023 USDA organic recertification. Annual inspections since 2014
  • 2023 NJ State Bottling recertification. Annual inspections since 2014
  • 2015 Bio-hazardous validation study granted and approved to precede with High Pressurize Process (HPP) protocols required for wholesale client product shelving, extending the juice shelf life up to 45 days while ensuring safety of consumers including the most vulnerable populations. 


  • 2022 NJBIZ ICON Award  
  • 2019 BEST by NJ Monthly Magazine, “Best Jersey Juice Bar” 
  • 2017 NJ Business Innovator Award by Asbury Park Press 
  • 2016/14/12 BEST of Monmouth 
  • 2018 - current, instructor for NJ State Health Inspector CPE of juice HACCP at Rutgers University, School of Food Science  


Considered a leader both in juice science and quality products. Reggie & Enrique are active in the development of new organic  sustainable, RAW organic products. 

  • 2015 - current, RWJBarnabas Health Co-chair, We Forum Group,
  • 2016 NJ Leading Women Entrepreneur
  • 2015 - current, we FORUM group Wellness Ambassador co-chair 
  • 2014 HACCP certified at Cornell University 
  • 2010 New York University, Director of the Wellness Programming, School of Arts & Sciences.


The wholesale price list is broken down by: 

  • Category 
  • Product Name
  • Health & Nutritional Values 
  • Taste
  • Ingredients
  • Wholesale Price
  • 2022 Suggested Retail 

The suggested retail is based on the juice basin’s proven selling price at its current retail locations. Of course, you may choose to  increase the price based on market demands and location. Few premium resellers go lower than recommended. 


Order minimum per recipe is 6 juices for a total of no less than 36 products per order. 

At least 50% of the order must be 100% juice products. 

The order balance may be assorted based on sales potential and location. We request this arrangement since our positive energy  mission is to employ local labor thus, we choose not to deliver only RO H20’s products without juice. As well, since we pay for  delivery charges, we require a minimum.


Tuesday | Thursday 

Free of Charge - since we do not charge for delivery we work with clients to order an appropriate quantity that makes sense for their business. Most coffee shops average two deliveries / month of recommended order. Hotels reorder weekly on average. Since Whole Foods and other fine grocers have back up coolers their order of about 100 juices holds for about three weeks until inventory is depleted. Initially, we will start slow with less quantity for new clients so they can get a better read as to their customer preference. Not to worry, we will never stick your organization with huge inventory to sit on your shelves. We will take it back without issue as you grow the demand.

Minimum - 36 juices


  • Company Name (legal resale entity name) 
  • Address for billing 
  • Email for billing 
  • Phone number at facility 
  • Physical delivery location and phone number if different than billing address. 
  • The buyer’s contact info: email and mobile number 


Net 15 or check upon delivery is acceptable. No credit cards for delivery.