Fall is Afoot!

Fall is Afoot!

Late summer invokes a certain kind of sentimentality. The days creep shorter. Children skip off to school. Work gets busier. Temperatures drop and mornings are crisp with a chill. August rains drain humidity so you may notice drier air. Summer’s burst of life gradually shifts into hibernation. Ayurveda considers the transition to fall an ideal time to cleanse. Come late summer, your body begins craving and storing fat to insulate in preparation for the impending cold weather; however, fat attracts toxins. Therefore, before you begin building your winter lining, it’s best to detoxify your body - especially if you have had an indulgent summer!

juice basin’s grab & go Sand Bar or preorder 100% carrot juice press AC Velveteen are great picks for clearing out the side effects of summer fun. Carrots beta carotene cleanses the liver, while its roots ground you for the upheaval of fall’s dry and bustling winds. Citrus Shine packs a powerful punch of detoxifying vitamin C. The sour of citrus hydrates your tissues to ensure you stay juicy despite the arid air. The Bloodshot is another great detoxicant. Dandelions bitterness cleanses the liver and purifies the blood. Ginger is Ayurveda’s favorite root - boosting immunity, stimulating digestion and circulation and rejuvenating your body. Pair with eating simple, wholesome, home cooked meals for a mild cleanse.

Once you feel detoxified, follow your cravings for heavier foods and juice basin’s nut mylks! Early fall is the time of year where everyone can benefit from adding more healthy fats and root veggies to their diet in preparation for winter’s frigidity. It’s also a time of change when you’re more prone to getting sick. Enjoy the longer, cooler nights and the urge to hibernate. Similar to the climate around you, your body is ready to chill.

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