Is a Liquid Meal Substitution Good for Weight Loss, Such as a Smoothie or a Nut Mylk?

Is a Liquid Meal Substitution Good for Weight Loss, Such as a Smoothie or a Nut Mylk?

Finely crafted organic smoothies provide many health benefits, such as improved nutrition, increased energy, substantial boost to the immune system functioning. For those seeking to shed unwanted pounds, smoothies are a good meal replacement and increase the likelyhood of shedding a few extra pounds if properly reciped for optimum health and digestion. Yet, a looming question tends to focus on whether a liquid meal substitution with a smoothie or a nut mylk is good for weight loss. The juice basin team in Asbury Park, NJ, has researched this topic in order to provide our clients with valuable advice on how to integrate smoothies into their diet positively affecting weight loss goals. Other ingredients, such as low sugar fruits, vegetables, seeds and proteins, must be combined with nut mylk to create a meal replacement smoothie that is a source of complete nourishment. The organic smoothies of juice basin are nutrient-dense, which means you will feel full for a more prolonged period of time than if you had consumed a meal with the same caloric content. Therefore, you can reduce your overall daily caloric intake, lose weight and feel full but more importantly function at the high level of physical or intellectual demand required to fullfill your daily obligations. However, other companies that offer smoothies may not be as discriminating as juice basin when it comes to recipe selections and purveying only top grade, USDA organic ingredients to manufacture their products. Additionally, juice basin carefully creates each smoothie to arrive at a delicious mixture of ingredients that serves multiple health goals simultaneously, which is a feat that other companies fail to achieve.  

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