Press Release: juice basin Jersey City sold to Boyce Mode doubling down on Wholesale Distribution

Press Release: juice basin Jersey City sold to Boyce Mode doubling down on Wholesale Distribution

juice basin pivots from multiple retail locations to wholesale priority

Over its 10 year history, Jersey’s original USDA certified organic cold press juicery has established itself as the go-to fresh juice wholesaler.

ASBURY PARK, New Jersey - September 30, 2022 - juice basin, an organic fresh craft juicery headquartered in Asbury Park, is set to transition its Jersey City store to The Power Plant Cafe by BoyceMode, bringing full operations and distribution back home to Asbury Park. The Jersey City store, located at 336 2nd Street, has served it’s bustling local community of artists, young professionals, and Tri-state area commuters since opening in the Spring of 2017. “If we are going to survive the corporate food pollution positioned to put all slow food movement establishments out-of-business we must become creative and work in partnership”. says Regine Flimlin, co-founder of juice basin. “It is in all of our best interests to work cooperatively, perfecting that which we do best while supporting small businesses not equipped to offer USDA organic certified, fresh cold press juice at the level of FDA certification and manufacturing expertise of juice basin”. Flimlin concludes.

The JC area has always been a special place for our team and has served as a gateway to delivering fresh cold press juices to the greater Tri-state area. However, and while we have been proud to see how much the community has grown since COVID, real challenges of hiring and training staff while maintaining their enthusiasm to show-up and be their best is a new hurdle not experienced prior to 2020. As well, the price increase on raw ingredients necessary for the juice basin’s fresh product line must be closely monitored if the company is to maintain profitability. “These contributing challenges of retail store expansion are real and detrimental to brand growth when conducted from a distance.” states 2016 NJ Leading Women Entrepreneur, Flimlin.

“It took time but we are happy to announce the perfect local partner with Sam Boyce and Jackie Lowenstein of The Power Plant Cafe by BoyceMode: a plant-based cafe and a meal delivery company”, proudly exclaims Enrique Wegel, co-founder of juice basin. “Now instead of us trying to manage employee teams from a distance, The Power Plant Cafe will direct the retail growth while maintaining juice basin's fresh, organic certified, cold press products, expand the smoothie menu and vegan food offering while simultaneously increase juice basin’s distribution to other storefronts in Jersey City which The Power Plant Cafe already manages in downtown Jersey City. It’s a win win!” bellows Wegel. "We are excited to continue the incredible foundation juice basin has laid in bringing wellness to Jersey City. We look forward to the additions juice basin’s cold press products can bring to help us fortify our mission to provide clean energy to help live a healthy life." adds Jackie Lowenstein and Sam Boyce.

To those unfamiliar with juice basin’s offerings, the locally owned and operated business retails a variety of USDA certified organic cold pressed juices, fresh smoothies, custom cleanses, bridal cleanses, and nutritional snacks. All of which can be found either at juice basin’s Asbury Park flagship store or at many of the local hotels/resorts, coffee shops, and premium grocers such as; Whole Foods Market. Better yet, what makes juice basin’s organic juices standout from other competitors is the specific functional purpose behind each juice’s ingredient, the sourcing of only USDA certified organic ingredients, and the dedication to supporting and partnering with other local organizations whenever possible.

About: Reggie and Enrique, the founders of juice basin, vibe with the creative intelligence of the communities they serve. What started as a simple bike ride post 911 turned into a love affair of New Jersey’s audacious communities such as; Asbury Park, Jersey City and Montclair. Manufacturing only USDA organic ingredients, sourcing sustainable American made packaging materials and providing local team training - there is not one part of the company’s mission that is not socially and environmentally conscious. Team together we are committed to supporting each other’s passions’ and cultivating local job creation and kindness projects i.e., The Global Mala Jersey Shore an annual event on the Asbury Park Boardwalk in which 100’s of yogis practice 108 sun salutations while raising awareness and funds for charity.

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Reggine Flimlin
juice basin

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