PRESS RELEASE: Local Asbury Park Artist Exhibits at Place of Employment

PRESS RELEASE: Local Asbury Park Artist Exhibits at Place of Employment

ASBURY PARK, New Jersey – December 11, 2021 – juice basin in support of 21-year-old, local self-taught artist and employee, Heaven Washington, announces the opening of Intuitive Art exhibit. The exhibit features a collection of one dozen acrylic  paintings on canvas by Heaven, who was recently commissioned by co-founder of juice basin, Regine Flimlin, to  mural the inside of her juice company with large kale leaves. In speaking with Heaven, she shared “I am beyond grateful to Reggie and Enrique for their support of my passion and vision. I hope neighbors and buyers will come by during my shift Thursday, Saturday  and Sunday from 8.30-3pm to discuss the inspiration and meaning of my artistic  expression.” To see more of Heaven’s work, she can be followed @ sharlene_lvndr on instagram.  

Recognizing Heaven’s talent and juice basin’s community mission, Reggie suggested Heaven sell her art at the juice basin to support her ongoing artistic  journey. The dozen or so paintings will be available to view and purchase in person and online until December 20th at which point sold paintings may be picked up. No paintings will be taken down until the 20th, affording the Asbury Park and local community the opportunity to view in-person at juice basin storefront, 805 4th Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ.

All art sale proceeds will be distributed to the artist, Heaven Washington.

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Contact: Regine Flimlin


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