Size Matters

Size Matters

We are ready for the cancel culture to call us out on this statement; however, we stand by our mission. Size does matter when cleansing or trying to optimize bodily functions.

This rule of thumb is best applied to personal consumption. Human nature and competitive environment promotes digging deep into holiday plates, scrambling for a delicious slice or adding small portions intermittent so not to feel consumed by guilt.

The pinecones pictured were collected in Lake Tahoe CA. We camped prior to the flash fire season so we were shrouded under the Sugar Pines for a glorious stay. While scrambling about to collect a few samples of these mammoth beauties we were reminded of our mission to create liquid remedies of USDA organic certified fruits and vegetables bottled in BIG 16 ounce American Made containers.

Now more than ever our antibodies need to be pumped. So what is it about juice size that matters? It’s the nutrient dense minerals and amino acids that will optimize your organ flush, belly soothe, gunk remove or build cellular strength.

Unlike our competitors, who charge the same amount for a 12 ounce bottle of conventional juice while professing, “The consumer doesn’t know the difference”. To that we say, “We disagree”!


“all that is good is not big”

Fluids and electrolytes are both essential for our cells, organs, and body systems in order to sustain proper balance. However, sometimes we are simply too busy or too bloated to consume another 16 ounces of liquid. We respond, “grab a shot”.

Daily our customers stop into juice basin to grab a few shots. Shots perk you up, lift your mood or deflate bloat. Whichever uncomfortable bodily symptom you are experiencing we’ve developed quick access in the Grab & Go cooler. The 2 ounce shots are:

  1. vampire killer - immunity boost for flu like symptom ease

  2. painless - anti inflammatory and antioxidant support

  3. bloodshot - stomach soother and immune boost

  4. beauty - electrolyte and protein boost for cellular protection

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