Sometimes You Just Have To Let Go

Sometimes You Just Have To Let Go

After six fortunate years, we made the decision to close our Montclair juice basin location this Halloween night, October 31, 2019. It is truly with a heavy heart for more reasons than we could possibly list. Montclair Township has a special place in the juice basin hearts. As the founders we raised our children in this beautiful township while creating ever lasting friendships with neighbors, coaches and business owners. We support the public schools and NYC transportation hubs while patronizing the many cultural gems and sports facilities.

Like the invasive beetle species responsible for the cutting of over 2000 trees in our City On The Hill, developers and big box brands have also invaded our community determined to decimate its charm. Local businesses striving to pay decent wages while maintaining the physical upkeep of decaying infrastructure and renewed costly rents are simply in a holding pattern while awaiting the imminent wrecking ball. This uncertainty creates a business growth challenge.

Gradually the walking Bloomfield Avenue business strip has become a vehicular highway while meandering pedestrians have faded into quick service delivery systems. The interpersonal communication of why fresh, organic artisan craft products demand a higher ticket price wafts silently away while more and more buyers click to big box for quick solutions.

The definition of progress is to move forward or onward

May Montclair the community take a moment to assess their personal interpretation of progress. From what we can see, the many new developments block your neighborhood streaming sunshine, eliminate tall hard wood trees and create a less than desirable street scape for community interaction.

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