June 3, 2020

by Regine Flimlin & Enrique Wegel

In America and around the World, we align against systemic racism. We seek justice along side our African Americans and people of color- including our team members and their families in the name of George Floyd. While we mourn the many losses, we remain vigilant and call upon global and local governments to dismantle racial hierarchy. We must address the consequences of these flawed systems- which shield the white majority: individuals, businesses and institutions who perpetuate societal racism.

We know we have our work to do and we are trying. Our business practices engage environmental and ethical standards not to pollute the planet nor add to the suffering of low paying labor. Communities of color are disproportionately affected by these environmental and economical injustices. Bearing carcinogenics and putrid runoff from animal slaughter and non-organic manufacturing to name a few. We compost all of our organic pulp through local young farmers in community gardens belonging to black neighborhoods throughout New Jersey.

Since 2011, the juice basin headquarter resides in the heart of a divided city welcoming residents both East of Main Street and West of the Railroad to engage in free nutritional education, free business advice and or a simple neighborly chat. Through local hiring practices, our team is predominantly black and brown. We incorporate their personal aspirations and goals into mentorship opportunities, advocating on their behalf when necessary, while providing appropriate wages along the way. We will continue our end of the work to assure their dreams become tomorrow's reality, while speaking out against injustices.

Because Black Dreams Matter, Black Lives Matter.
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