Summertime Prime

Summertime Prime

Summer is in full swing! There’s an endless list of social gatherings to beckon you outdoors. As the scorching sun lights up the longest days, the fun never seems to end. In the midst of play, it’s easy to overexert yourself. Ensure you don’t end up depleted and down for the count with these simple summer tips. The flaming heat thins your blood and causes it to pump faster as your body pushes blood to the extremities to keep your internal organs cool. This takes umph out of your digestive power, decreasing your appetite - especially around midday. In response, you naturally crave lighter foods (or no food at all) as you revel in the joy of summertime. All the activity and excitement can distract you from your body’s needs. Why stop the fun to eat when you’re not feeling hungry?

Your body is perspiring more than ever and therefore losing electrolytes. Electrolytes are instrumental to a multitude of bodily functions. From flexing your muscles to maintaining fluid levels - a healthy electrolyte balance is essential to feeling your best. Combine electrolyte loss with decreased nutritional intake and you could find yourself wiped out in no time.

Replenish your stores with light, cooling and nutrient rich smoothies and juices. juice basin’s Coco Verde is sure to hit the spot! With cilantro, cucumber, thai coconut and lime, this juice delivers refreshment and restoration. Grab a six pack to take to the beach - your friends will thank you! If you need something heartier, opt for a smoothie. The Blueberry Supreme, Amazon 5 or Coco Blu rejuvenate you without weighing you down. Order ahead and we’ll have it ready for you to scoop up on your way to the beach or gathering.

Don’t wait til your past the point of no return to heed your body’s needs. Stay one step ahead of the game with our refreshing blends designed to keep you in summertime prime!

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