Temporal Feminine Flexibility

Temporal Feminine Flexibility

Today, Whole Foods Market, Spring Lake, Wall, NJ opens its doors to the Jersey Shore. Honored by their insistence to support local, juice basin bottles grace the shelves. Don't be fooled, it is not because of our determination to reclaim our wholesale bottling status among Jersey's elite manufacturers, rather juice basin's arrival is the result of WFM Feminine North East Regional buying office staff which would not let us stray from our commitment to compete and comply with FDA & USDA Organic standards. Women supporting women and calling them to claim their personal best is how we achieved this corporate benchmark. To deliver on this overwhelming commitment, a centerline of hard work and mind/body rejuvenation sought through yoga practice maintained my determination. In celebration, I dropped into a morning class at Jersey Shore Hot Yoga - with 20 or so women, we profusely sweat to consciously break down fearful walls that hinder our dreams. Strokes of synergistic movements graced the room culminating a distinct feminine energy of determination. We are athletes, dancers and yogi warriors, all very different in our approach yet sisterly in our commitment of personal suffering to realize a blissful glimpse of life as intended.

Struck by the beauty and pose of supportive feminine acceptance I invite you all to join me next Wednesday, April 20th as we are given yet another opportunity at weFORUM - Women’s Health & Wellness Conference. This women led organization's mission is to educate and empower women by educating and supporting with FREE health screening to administer ongoing wellness education and proper testing for determining an individual's wellness regiment.

The Temporal Feminine Flexibility refers to our female necessity to support and create within the flexible time paradigm so we may respond to our personal mission knowing:

  • we will not be chastised for leaving to care for a sick loved one.
  • we prefer to reboot our mental wellness with a walk or cup of tea not at a bar with cheap, free nosh.
  • the world is ours to share and explore not claim and own.
Too often successful women are stereotyped as "_itches, non-supportive bosses and gossipy mean spirited co-workers". We are portrayed as derogatory, loud bashing for personal gain and disparaging towards younger cohorts. I invite you to dispel what we have already proven by assisting another women today.
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