The Fresh Cost of USDA Organic Certified & Why Should I Care?

The Fresh Cost of USDA Organic Certified & Why Should I Care?

In New Jersey, upon researching the best juice cleanse for you, you’ll notice that only ONE juice company proudly exhibits the USDA organic certified green round label. So what makes an organic juice cleanse USDA organic certified as well, why should you even care?

Price is the most obvious reason for investigating your juice cleanse company choice. A conventional (another word for non-organic) 50lb. box of lemons cost approximately $15 where as the same box of USDA organic certified lemons cost $50. So you should expect to pay more for USDA organic certified juice. While a conventional box of pesticide laden fruits and vegetable costs much less, these GMO’s are also shelf stable, meaning a box of conventional green leaf vegetables will not rot as fast as organic fruits and vegetables. The USDA organic certified juice company is cleaning, prepping, pressing, mixing and bottling to fill the exact recipe demand, not wasting an ounce and surely not selling old juice. Again, this has a huge cost factor since it takes additional smart labor to document the produce receivables, manage their raw state and reorder frequently plus there is a USDA mandatory administrative process behind the certification, we’ll discuss those details in my next blog.

We all want to save the planet; USDA organic certified juice companies are actually saving the planet one raw juice at a time. Through their commitment they Care for the Planet, Care for the Farmers, Care for the Consumers - providing a truly altruistic artisan craft. Your buying power is what keeps these small shops in business as well organic fruits and vegetables boast 19 to 69 percent more antioxidants than conventional fruits and vegetables. So next time you choose a juice cleanse or even a grab & go juice, make sure it’s USDA Organic Certified otherwise be prepared to pay less and consume toxic additives such as; pesticides, chemical fertilizers, industrial solvents all being processed with the aid of genetically engineered old ass produce.

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