Trusting The Source Of What You Ingest

Trusting The Source Of What You Ingest

Jokingly, we say it's easier to sell lethal GMO products or sugar laden addictive sweets than USDA organic cold-press juice or raw foods at our certified organic juice company.  The requirements to execute on sanitary standards within an organic establishment are so much more complicated because there are no pesticides or herbicides to kill off pests.  This creates many extra steps, longer manufacturing processes, and time sensitive product awareness to limit spoilage. The pioneering vision of what clean food should look like is alive Asbury Park, NJ at the Jersey Shore in restaurants such as; Talulas Pizza,  Cardinal Provisions, The Speakeatery and The Bonney Read. All have young master chefs sharing their passion, foraging the highest quality foods, ethically compensating participants (the consumer, employees, farmers and earth).  All benefit from their high moral artisan approach simultaneously threatening the dominance of chemically created menus offered in pleasant ambiance.

Knowing the critical control points of good manufacturing practices within such food organizations has us all challenged as to WHY Chipotle experienced an E.coli situation this past month.  Our governing institutions, responsible corporate partners and organic suppliers are at fault; however, it just doesn’t make sense since the source was never identified. Instead we must consider The New York Times cover story, "CDC Unable to Find Cause of Outbreaks at Chipotle".   Corporate sabotage by the biotech industry is a strong possibility, as it would prefer all considerate food practices simply disappear.

As I write the required juice manufacturing plan for wholesale clients and FDA site inspection approval, referred to as, "Hazardous Analysis of Critical Control Points" or HACCP I am reminded of  WEforum whose mission is to educate | empower | evolve.  As an ambassador I propose we join-up this spring on April 20, 2016 and together learn more on how we can support each other the businesses striving to bring us into balance within our communities and the world we know.

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