We Choose To Let It Go

We Choose To Let It Go

It sounds too good to be true! juice basin is partnering with Too Good To Go in order to help manage selling surplus food inventory.

“In doing so, we eliminate unnecessary food waste while supporting community members to purchase fresh food products at a marginal cost. It’s a win-win for all!” Reggie exclaims. Unique to juice basin are the rapidly approaching best buy date products. juice basin fans love our fresh product approach and so do we, but now fans can occasionally score with Too Good To Go.

More importantly the Planet wins big since, “Reducing food waste is one of the most important things we can do to reverse global warming.” Chad Frischmann, Climate Change Expert.

Food Waste = Global Warming

Too Good To Go - An intelligent solution for rapidly expiring food products: Our mission is to inspire and empower everyone to take action against food waste. We know that to live and breathe this every day, we need to turn our words into actions. With this in mind we have set out a new ambition - to contribute in every way we can to building the global food waste movement. It's only when we all come together to fight food waste, that we'll be able to generate a positive change in society.

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