Your Body, Your Temple ~ Intermittent Fasting

Your Body, Your Temple ~ Intermittent Fasting

Our clients have often asked, “What is intermittent fasting and how should I include it in my lifestyle”?

A lot depends on how long you are able to fast since autophagy comes into play after 14 to 18 hours of fasting. Autophagy is a fat burning process which is kick-started by a long fast. Translated from the Ancient Greek word “autophagos”, meaning “to consume oneself” thus during this phase the cells begin to process “themselves.” Old cell components and so-called “misfolded” proteins are recycled and renewed. Your body does a big clear out, resulting in prolonged cell life of more efficient cells which benefit mental clarity, energy, and personal commitment.

To learn more, click on the Harvard Health Report.


“all that is good is not fast”

Fluids and electrolytes are both essential for our cells, organs, and body systems in order to sustain proper balance. Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals and compounds that help your body do much of its work — producing energy and contracting your muscles.

Traditional sport drinks are no match for this blue beauty. Mission Blue is specially formulated to provide the necessary hydration of increase energy and endurance, antioxidant support, and cellular protection. A simple yet potent solution to break fasting with necessary hydration.

Mission Blue is unique mix of Thai Baby Coconut with Blue Majik and a splash of fresh Pineapple does more than protect you against free radicals. It is inspired by the non profit “Mission Blue inspires action to explore and protect the ocean. Founded in the principle of saving the oceans through creating blue zones” in which industry can neither dig down nor drop nets.


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