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Create Your Own - Masterpiece

Create Your Own - Masterpiece

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A 16 ounce fresh smoothie you create from scratch is available in TWO easy steps:

STEP 1 - LIQUID (choose 1):

  • Filtered Water, Oat Mylk, Coconut Water, Almond Mylk.

STEP 2 - SOLIDS (Choose up to 3 - mix what you crave)

  • Fruits: Banana, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango, Fresh Orange, Apple.
  • Veggies: Cucumber, Spinach, Kale Stalk.

OPTIONAL - Choose any amount of add-ons for an $1.25 per topping:

  • Superfoods & Boosts: Gaia Maca Powder, Ora Probiotic Prebiotic, Ashwagandha & Reishi, Acai cube , Camu Camu, Cacao
  • Proteins & Nuts: Sun Warrior Collagen (skin & hair), Organifi Complete Protein (vegan), Spirulina Pacifico (salt water protein), AFA- E 3 Live (fresh water protein), Almond Butter, Peanuts or Peanut Butter, Hemp Protein, Vanilla Whey Protein.
  • Grains & Seeds: Chia Seed (fiber & omega 3), Hemp Seed (protein & minerals), Bee Pollen (anti inflammatory), Gluten Free Oats.
  • Oils & Extracts: Agave (sweetener), Coconut Oil, Flax Oil, Mint Press (freshens breath), Vanilla Drops (sweetener) and honey (sweetener).
  • Special Fruits $1.25/: Dates (2), Avocado (1/2).
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