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Jersey Blueberry Infused Honey

Jersey Blueberry Infused Honey

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Zenjas Honey Farm is owned and operated by Toms River, NJ native Wayne Somners, beekeeper superstar. Every summer his bees harvest the nectar of New Jersey’s tiny white blueberry blossoms yielding a light amber color honey. The taste is a well-rounded with a slight fruity flavor. Each jar is reminiscent of a bright sunny day in fresh summer fields.

The only Garden State honey man with over 30 years experience, Wayne is a honorary award recipient of the American Beekeeper Federation. Since 1977, Wayne bottles nature’s magic. Once the cool nights of Indian Summer are upon us, Wayne is already established on the riverbeds of Yosemite National Park where his bees will harvest Mountain Wildflower honey. Your support through purchase helps us to aid in the continuance of his special trade.

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